Dance Physique Online

A dance fitness and exercise program that empowers women to ditch the funk, stop putting themselves last, and step into their confidence to feel sexy and truly fall in love with themselves.

I know what you’re feeling, I’ve been there

Since you’re here,
you must be feeling it, too.

You want to get more energy throughout the day, to show up for yourself like you show up for everyone else in your life, and maybe you feel like if you just knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel – if you knew this phase wasn’t going to last forever – if you knew the one hour you get to yourself would make all the difference you’d start actively taking a stronger role in all that self-care everyone is always talking about.

Because if you’re like most of my students – you WANT to be able to feel sexy and energetic again!

There’s just one tiny problem …

It’s heavy being stretched thin,

You are the type of woman that wants to get it all done and provide for those around you but it's hard to make time for yourself.

And when you do it’s not all that exciting- it’s just more exhausting.  When you are exhausted it’s hard to find time and energy to do things for yourself!
Nothing has particularly sparked your passion or your old self.

Have you ever thought about what is possible to be that person again?

What does it look like? Maybe it’s something like …

🛝 Feeling like a little kid again, and getting excited about the little things

👯 Feeling sexy in your own skin

💃🏼 Being lit up all day – naturally!

💆🏼‍♀️ Carving out time for you to be you

👑 Feeling an overall sense of confidence and self-realization

Whatever it is, if you’re like most of the moms I talk to, even though you WANT it… you just can’t bring yourself to actually DO it.

The cat’s litter needs cleaning, the laundry needs folding, the fridge needs filling.

Or maybe you find yourself spending your time learning all about your baby’s sleeping habits, or how to meal plan or how to keep things spicy in your relationship. All The Things.

Work commitments! Errands! Playdates! Doctor visits! How to balance it all!

Next thing you know, another day, another week, another month has passed, and you still haven’t made any time for yourself.

This may be the point where you start feeling depressed and disappointed — like you’ve let yourself down, like you don’t have enough motivation, and like maybe… maybe this is just what life is like now.

I’m here to tell you that that’s not true. Not even close.

It’s not that you’re not motivated enough, don’t know enough, or don’t have it in you.

It’s just that the heaviness of doing what you need to do is keeping you playing small, stalling, and in an endless loop of non-stop errands.

And I get it. I’ve been there, and so have my students.

But guess what? You don’t have to stay stuck in limbo and depressed.

In fact… what if you could dropkick that depression and move forward with the confidence to play BIG in your life?

Could you imagine
what it would feel like to ….

Sound impossible?

Spoiler alert: it isn’t!

But here’s what most people don’t know …

It’s not about adding another workout routine or self-care commitment to your day. It isn’t even about how much energy you can muster up to even create a plan to follow.

Because if you’re honest, how many other workout programs or classes that promised body transformations just never seem to materialize?


So if it’s not about the routines, or the right muscle groups being worked on … how DO you start to be more confident, feel sexy and finally focus on putting you first, BEFORE everyone else’s needs take over your day?

It starts with realizing the choice to take care of ourselves, physically and mentally, impacts everything else we do in our lives.

And that’s exactly why I’ve created The Dance Physique Program – and why my classes are different from other dance classes and programs out there.

You’re looking to add something more to your life,

– whether it’s gaining a little more confidence, building a dancer booty, or you keep reading about all this “self-care” stuff and dance just happened to be first on your list of wants.

Welcome, you’re in the right place because that’s exactly what we’re going to do together.

When you join the
Dance Physique Online Program

Go from this

To this

Feeling exhausted and run down, stretched thin with no motivation

Eager to take on the day, with vibrancy and excitement and being lit up all day!

Never being able to find the time to do the things you love doing

Having time carved out of your day where you can just be you, feeling sexy in your own skin.

Lost in the abyss we call life, in a funk you can’t seem to shake and having a hard time getting back into the swing of things

A means to get your sexy back, take time for you and getting to be yourself and the queen of your own life.

If you're tired of being tired and ready to be a queen of your own life but you need someone who's been there done that to guide the way...

I created the Dance Physique
Online Program for you!

An online library of over 100+ (and counting) dance fitness and exercise classes that empower women to ditch the funk, stop putting themselves last, and step into the confidence to feel sexy and truly fall in love with themselves.


Jenna is an absolute powerhouse! She has an empowering presence and she keeps us hip, slick and cool. A big shoutout to you Jenna for instilling confidence and making a positive impact in my life and many others! 🥳

Diana A.

What’s the Dance Physique Online Program all about, anyways?

I created the Dance Physique Program based on my over 20 years of dance experience to provide a different (re: FUN) way of exercising, that has now morphed into a lifestyle.


Why doing workouts you aren’t excited about is a waste of time & what you can do instead that actually works.

How to make time not an issue when it comes to taking care of yourself.

How to GIVE MORE – especially when you feel like you don’t have any more to give.

How to fall in love with yourself again.

Why just because you’re an “adult” doesn’t mean you can’t revive your youth!

No more struggling.
No more anxiety.
No more excuses.

Here’s what’s inside the
Dance Physique Online Program

We’ve built accountability into the program to make sure you commit to your goals …

Focus Area

Easy to search for classes and routines that focus on specific muscle areas while you get to focus on the lyrics of your favorite tunes

Live Classes

Want to really connect? Join us on one of our live classes scheduled throughout the week. Block the times in your schedule and make it easy to commit to dancing together.

Class Lengths

We know some days are busier than others, so we’ve made it easy to follow routines and classes by uploading over 100 (and counting) videos with various class lengths so you can join a session when it’s most convenient for you – no excuses!


Connect with others in our community in our portal with comments for encouragement, accountability and keeping in touch with others who have the same goals and interests as you!

Join Dance Physique Online Today!

Choose the best plan for you….

Annual Plan



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The Dance Physique Program GAURANTEE

Try-Before-You-Buy Guarantee – you can cancel at any time within 7 days before your next billing cycle. Simply head into the member portal and click cancel membership. If you’re having trouble we’re only a click away.


I'm Jenna

As a former NBA dancer, I learned the importance of being a hype girl for my team. Our community aims to create an atmosphere of positivity and encouragement, I want to hype you up in my classes, so you leave feeling accomplished and empowered – just like I did on the court.

Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a beginner, I want to be your biggest cheerleader and help you reach your fitness goals.

Post-partum, I felt a little lost afterwards – I wasn’t getting sleep (breastfeeding around the clock) and struggling with postpartum depression – all while trying to maintain my sanity and “look” as if I had it all together.

Once I got back into teaching – I soon remembered why I loved dancing so much. It gave me an outlet! I felt feminine and sexy again.

I was working out again! It lit me up and gave me that push I needed to be myself. Not only did it give me my energy back, but it made me a better Mom, Partner, and Person!

You’ve got this, let’s do this together.

Is this the right place for you?

✨ 💃🏼 ✨ I can’t wait to dance with you in the program ✨ 💃🏼 ✨

Choose the best plan for you….


Will you keep living like you’ve been?
Or try something new?

Do you want to keep living like you’ve been living?
Or take charge and gain yourself back?

Will you take back or life?
Or let it pass you by?

Are you done feeling stagnant in most areas of your life?
Are you ready to ignite your light? Ignite your soul?

Will you settle...
Or find your inner light?


My classes are built specifically to promote confidence & empowerment. I don’t strive to get things perfect – it’s just about moving and feeling good in your body. The culture that I project is supportive and caring. Everyone is unique and moves that way.
All livestream classes are edited and uploaded so you can take them on demand.
My classes are usually best enjoyed by someone who has had some dance experience, whether that’s in a studio at 3 years old or at the club at 21. HOWEVER – if you come in with an open mind and heart, I can assure you, you will have a good time and catch on!

What are you waiting for?