Dance Physique In-Person

Note: All classes are for Adults (18+).


5 Class Pack$65

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Danica has an extensive background in dance, having been part of dance teams like Captoure Dance Troupe and Physique Dance Company. Her teaching journey began in 2015 as a certified U-Jam Fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. She further expanded her expertise by becoming a certified Zumba Fitness instructor in February 2020 and a Dance Physique Instructor in 2019.

Get ready for an exhilarating experience in Danica’s classes, where laughter and sweat go hand in hand! Her teaching style effortlessly combines her sense of humor, creating a fun and engaging atmosphere that will leave you smiling throughout your workout.



Samee has been in the arts scene for the majority of her life! She has been a featured dancer on CNBC documentary for Norwegian Cruise Line. She performed all over the world with NCL and several other national and international theater tours as a dancer, aerialist, and production vocalist. Samee currently performs throughout California as a actor, dancer, and singer for Hip Entertainment, Kit International Talent, Rae Talent Agency, and Sacramento Contemporary Dance Company.

Samee’s boundless and infectious energy will ignite a fire within you, propelling you towards your fitness and dance goals like never before! As a dedicated dance instructor and fitness enthusiast, Samee exudes an unrivaled passion for movement, making every class an exhilarating and empowering experience.