Let go of responsibilities, express

yourself, and feel empowered

through dance fitness.

with Jenna Hsia

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Hey there, I’m Jenna Hsia..

you're in the right place.

Former NBA dancer, busy mom of two, and a dance fitness instructor on a mission to help busy women destress while achieving their fitness goals. I create workouts that feel like you’re dancing at a club, helping you to let go of the day’s stresses and focus on enjoying the moment.

I want to inspire and motivate you to push past your limits and feel confident in your own skin – and just like how I hyped up my team during games, I want to hype you up in my classes, so you leave feeling accomplished and empowered.

It's a great workout for sure, but I also always walk out feeling happier and with more energy than when I got there. Most of her classes accommodate all levels of dance experience and the group of people who attend are always supportive and happy to hype you up!

Katie Towers

Two ways to move your body ...


Dance Physique Online

Join our online fitness program created from years of dance experience to invent a new way of exercising that has now morphed into a lifestyle. Get your body back and take time for yourself to feel confident, sexy and fall in love with yourself.


In Studio

In the area? Drop into our studio and catch a live class full of amazing playlists, fun people and hyped out energy. Get your groove on, take time for yourself and join our community.

Dance Physique on YouTube

with Jenna Hsia

Subscribe and follow our YouTube channel for playlists that rock your body. Check out some of our most popular videos below and get in a happier mood in just a few minutes.

3 Minutes to a Happier Mood

A Full Body Workout


Great cardio workout. Love your energy and music! πŸ”₯

– Rose

Class Types

Dance Fit

Experience the ultimate feel-good workout in Dance Fit! With a mix of high-energy cardio and low-impact toning routines, set to the hottest beats, you’ll have no choice but to let loose and dance like nobody’s watching. The vibrant atmosphere, with dimmed lights, will transport you straight to the club, and you’ll leave feeling refreshed and energized.

Choreo Fit

It’s time to open up the closet and grab your dancing shoes girlfriend! Whether it’s been years or days – it’s like riding a bike! I teach a full routine through movement repetition and a non-stop, steady beat. We will get sexy, sassy, and sweaty! By the end of class, you’ll feel like one of Beyonce’s backup dancers ~ accomplished, empowered, and full of confidence!

Hey! I'm Jenna

As a former NBA dancer, I learned the importance of being a hype girl for my team. No matter if we were winning or losing – I was all about pumping up the crowd and keeping the energy high. This mindset has carried over into my role as a dance fitness instructor. Our community aims to create an atmosphere of positivity and encouragement, I want to hype you up in my classes, so you leave feeling accomplished and empowered. – just like I did on the court.

Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a beginner, I want to be your biggest cheerleader and help you reach your fitness goals. My goal is to inspire and motivate you to push past your limits and feel confident in your own skin. Let’s do this!